Welsh Government

Welsh Government Department for Economy and Infrastructure (E&I) delivers the economic agenda across Wales.

We work to encourage the best environment to enable the private sector to grow. Our vision is to help create a vibrant Welsh economy, delivering strong and sustainable growth, by providing opportunities for all.  Our Innovation Wales strategy -published in 2014- identifies a number of key themes that help Wales to improve its performance. One of these stresses the need to develop a culture of open innovation.

We have since supported a number of successful open innovation initiatives that have created opportunities for SMEs and universities to collaborate with some of the larger companies in Wales.

The Innovation team within Welsh Government offers a package of support to help businesses turn their ideas into practical and commercial new products and services. The rewards of successful research and development can be significant. It can open up new markets, boost sales and increase profitability. But it is also a risky business. Our team of innovation specialists located around Wales offer free impartial advice, and have solid, proven industrial experience in innovation, design and manufacturing.

Our support is available via Business Wales. Welsh Government’s Business Wales service supports new and established businesses in Wales.  Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business, have already taken the first few steps or want to grow your current business, we can help.  Business Wales supports the sustainable growth of small and medium size enterprises across the country by offering access to information, guidance and business support.

For more information please visit http://business.wales.gov.uk or call 03000 6 03000