Wearable Tech Fashion Show

Rainbow Winters

Rainbow Winters offers a collection of interactive garments that change color in response to water, stretch, sunlight, or sound.

Rainforest Collection: Sun-sensitive ‘Petal Dress’

The Petal Dress fabric is screen-printed with a colour-changing ink. When it’s exposed to the sun, the molecular structure of the ink changes to a new color.

Polymer Opal Lycra: Liquid Bodysuit

The Liquid showpiece uses the concept of ‘Structural Colour’ to change colour in response to stretch. Bending, stretching or twisting the fabric results in striking color changes as the body dynamically moves. This type of colour is generated through diffraction instead of absorption of light. Structural colour materials with rubber-like properties have incredible characteristics.

Electric Garden Dress

This colour-sensitive extravaganza Electric Garden dress is wrapped in 3D flowers and blossoms which transform in colour on whim. Choose your favorite color and watch the color sensor trigger all the blossoms into the new shade.