Turn Lights On at Venturefest for a third year running

Turn Lights On has hosted a stage at Venturefest for three years running now. Venturefest is about inspiring and educating business owners along with connecting investors with entrepreneurs, and we are thrilled for this to be our third year of hosting the Turn Lights On stage.

The event has an energy and vibrancy about it as people are there to learn, grow and connect. With an agenda like that the atmosphere is electric, I spend the day smiling and being constantly inspired, returning back to my own business with a mountain of ideas and the sense of me not being on my own.

So what happens on The Turn Lights On stage?

This year we are inviting entrepreneurs to talk about how they have overcome barriers in their business and how did they coped. Having your own business is painful sometimes and it’s so important for people to share how they deal with celebration, the pressure, highs and the lows.  It’s important to share all what comes with business it’s not all about the balance sheets and strategy. Having something that requires so much of your energy and passion is personal thing and it will affect your relationships and your confidence. Emotional intelligence and understanding yourself makes the ride far less painful so this is our main mission for this stage to help you to be emotionally ready and armed for your business.

What you can expect?

Hearing how it really is from the people that live and breathe it. This stage is not filled with good intentioned experts, this is from entrepreneurs that have experienced first-hand on how to deal with the barriers that will happen in growing your business. I know from first-hand experience your network is critical to your success as we do have a tendency to think that we are the only people going through challenges at the time. There is nothing better than hearing from someone in your position say “I know how you feel and it happened to me and I did this!”

There will be a lively question and answers session so if you have any current challenge you can share what is on your mind and one of the entrepreneurs could support you to finding your answer. The talks start from 9.30 until 1.30 28th  September.

To end I thought I would share with you Warren’s blog about all the things he has learnt on his journey of being a successful entrepreneur and how hard it is at times.  We have been lucky to have Warren speak on the Turn Lights On stage for all the years we have been there and this year he is my first speaker at 9.45am. Come and see him as he is a fantastic speaker that leaves you inspired and informed!

Georgina Jones  will host the live ‘Turn Lights On’ sessions at Venturefest Wales.