The Innovation Advisory Council for Wales (IACW)

The Innovation Advisory Council for Wales (IACW) was created in 2014 to set the foundations in place to drive forward Wales’ innovation agenda and to help raise Wales’ global profile on innovation. The Council provides information and advice to the Welsh Government and aims to identify areas of existing strength and future opportunity.

The council is jointly chaired by Kellie Beirne, Chief Officer for Enterprise at Monmouthshire County Council and Ian Menzies, Managing Director of Northrop Grumman UK and consists of 10 further representatives from business, higher education and public services, following the triple helix model.

The Council has recently reviewed its programme and is focusing on four themes that could enhance innovation in Wales:

  • Public service-led innovation – to increase innovation in public service delivery, and give greater scope for business to generate innovative solutions for the public sector;
  • Collaboration – to improve Wales’ share of UK and European grant funding; to promote Wales as a connected and valued partner for collaborative innovation projects; and to promote collaboration across sectors within Wales;
  • Wellbeing of future generations – to look at the trends and patterns that will influence how we live, work and learn in a future Wales;
  • National Innovation Body (NIB) – to build upon the potential identified for a new NIB, which could establish an entity capable of driving innovation and creativity across public and private sectors.

For further information on the successes and achievements of the Council, please visit the IACW web page.

IACW is holding its first Innovation Summit which is embedded within Venturefest. Whilst Venturefest has a clear business focus, the emphasis of the Innovation Summit will be Public Service Innovation driving business growth opportunities.