Sales and Business Development

Is your Sales and Marketing organization world-class?

Are you aware that it is typically the companies with the best sales and marketing process and organization that dominate most markets, and not those companies with the best product or service?

Can all of your team clearly articulate:

  • The business impact reasons why somebody should buy your solution or service?
  • Why they should buy from you and not the competition?
  • The reasons why the prospect should buy from you now?

Do you operate a best in class integrated demand generation and sales process for new business acquisition?

Do you measure conversion metrics at every stage of the process?

Do you have enough pipeline?

Does your sales forecast continually slip?

Do you find yourself losing business to ‘Do nothing’?

Over the ten years Trinamo has been helping businesses improve their sales performance we have seen many reasons why companies have been unable to accelerate their sales growth. As one might expect it is never one thing but often a combination of factors that are holding the company back.

During this session we will share with you the common reasons we see why businesses fail to scale sales revenues. We will also give you a check list so that you can evaluate your own organization and decide if there are any areas your business should improve on now.