Paul Mason

Interim Director – Emerging and Enabling Technologies

Paul Mason took up the role of Interim Director – Emerging and Enabling Technologies at Innovate UK in April 2016.  This programme seeks to identify, and invest in, technologies and capabilities that will lead to the new products, processes and services of tomorrow – those with the potential to create billion-pound industries and disrupt existing markets.

Paul joined Innovate UK as Head of Development in 2007, and became Deputy Director Research and Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) in 2014.

Paul oversaw the creation and initial implementation of all of our first sector strategies, and led the creation of our programmes in Creative Industries, Stratified (Precision) Medicine, Agri-Food, Design and Emerging Technologies. More recently he has had overarching responsibility for the joint thematic work between Innovate UK and the Research Councils, working together to identify and accelerate the impact of high potential research, and with the wider Government CSA network.

Before joining Innovate UK he worked for 25 years in the chemical industry, and in 2007 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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