Jess Hoare – Programme Manager, Y Lab

Jess Hoare is Programme Manager in Y Lab, where she is responsible for leading the Digital Innovation Fund for Wales. Her work enables organisations to explore and develop potentially disruptive technologies with the goal of supporting innovation across a broad range of public services.

In 2016 Jess ran a digital accelerator which enabled five projects with specific public services transformation objectives. These projects focused on (open) data sharing, the Internet of Things, new models for education and local government digital reform.

She is an advocate for innovation across public services, supporting organisational change and believes passionately in the importance of user centered design and prototyping. Jess currently sits on the Innovation Panel at the Office of National Statistics, and regularly disseminates the work of Y Lab and the Digital Innovation Fund at conferences and workshops nationally. She has been awarded an ESRC PhD Studentship in the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University and has been recently selected by Chwarae Teg to take part in Agile Nation 2.0.

Previously Jess lead the delivery of an AHRC & Design Council funded project exploring the role of design in creating economic benefit and social value in the Bristol and Bath region. As part of the team at the Pervasive Media Studio, she worked closely with the Playable City team to deliver the International Playable City Award, which promotes citizen engagement through playful urban technology interventions.