Gareth Jones, Welsh ICE

Gareth has experienced the frustrations of getting start ups moving first hand in Cardiff. Unable to get the support he needed for his startup from traditional business support schemes he saw that it was the community of young entrepreneurs who were most forthcoming in offering each other support. This helped develop his view that there was another way to help generate and support entrepreneurship in a much more sustainable manner than at present.

Gareth is one of a kind, a natural and empathic communicator who will always seek to involve everyone in what he is doing and will go out of his way to help people in his own unconventional manner. Since inception Gareth has worked night and day to bring the ICE vision into reality in his gentle and persuasive manner.

He is engaged with a number of activities outside ICE, including a role on the boards of Cardiff StartCardiff University‘s Impact Accelerator, tech start-up Properr, social enterprise RecRock, and has been involved with the boards of the Cardiff Capital Region‘s Innovation Committee, the RSA‘s TaffLab project, Venturefest Wales, and is a Big Ideas Wales Role Model.

It is said that Gareth knows the lyrics of every song ever written and is not afraid to sing in excess of 100 db’s. Sources* close to the captain confirm that he collects snow globes and tea towels from around the world, and classic games consoles, from the Atari 2600 through to present generation, and has a Master System in the office with Alex Kidd always ready and waiting!

*Thanks Sara (Gareth’s lovely lady) for the intel.

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