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Finance Panels

Accessing appropriate funding to drive business growth is one of the key barriers that many businesses identify as holding them back. The type of funding and the potential funder is different for different businesses and different stages of growth. One size does not fit all.

In the early stages of business set-up and initial funding some form of seed capital is required. This often comes from a combination of Founder funds and Angel investors. In addition specific seed funds, sweat equity providers and crowd funders support the sector. The Venturefest Seed funding panel will explore the Seed funding space and the key attributes of businesses successfully securing funding in this space

As a business achieves market traction and secures a client base often the opportunity to rapidly accelerate business growth presents itself. Businesses often wish to diversify product ranges, expand client volumes or penetrate new geographic markets. To achieve these initiatives often growth funding is required. The Venturefest Growth Funding panel explores this funding segment which has been historically difficult for businesses, identifies some of the key players in the market and looks at the characteristics of businesses that successfully raise growth capital.

Series A funding. Raising of funding in excess of £1.5M is generally referred to as “Series A”. This is a significant funding round to drive major business growth in Market, product, geography and often management team / structure. The Venturefest Series A funding panel is represented by some of the major participants in this space. The panellists will discuss the market and pre-requisites for companies looking to access this type of funding as well as some of their governance requirements that accompany investments of this type.

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