Dawn Evans – Founder & MD of Ajuda Limited

Since forming Ajuda Limited in October 2009 Dawn and her team have trained over 40,000 students in a variety of vocational qualifications such as First Aid, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, Fire Safety, Manual Handling to name but a few. Dawn herself is an immensely passionate first aid tutor; she established Ajuda after a traumatic incident where her daughter choked. Dawn recognised that if she had not had essential first aid skills her daughter might have died. Ajuda really do educate people to save lives, and, this fact alone makes Dawn’s hard work worthwhile. As the company has expanded Dawn has been able to offer several work placements to students from Cardiff Met University and given employment to Graduates via the Go Wales – Jobs Growth Wales program. Dawn has offered employment on a permanent basis to 6 local people and has employed 30 associate trainers.
Ajuda is a community focused company; Dawn always puts the needs of her clients first. In March 2014 Dawn won a Welsh business award for community contribution and youth development on behalf of her work with Ajuda and the Community to Work partnership. In March 2015 Dawn was announced as one of the most inspirational people in Wales after being awarded the Educator award at the Inspire Wales Awards which were held at an extravagant Gala Dinner event at Cardiff City Hall.

During the past 2 years she was nominated as a finalist for Female Entrepreneur of the year at the South Wales business Awards. Most recently, Dawn was invited to St James Palace where she had the opportunity to talk to HRH Prince Phillip about the extensive First Aid training that she and Ajuda had carried out, educating the people of South Wales in lifesaving CPR skills.

Dawn has designed many training programs over the past 6 years and her First Aid Trainer course has been attended by organisations across the United Kingdom. Ajuda continues to support around 75 local companies with in-house delivery of Health & Safety and support approximately 25 companies with their staff’s personal development.

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